Be happy with the little that you have.

There  are  people
with nothing that still manage to smile.


That apartment may not be a house
(but you have a place to stay).

That car may not be a Benz
(but you're not walking).

That job might not be the best
(but you're working).

Something is always better than nothing.
(half-full is better than empty).


Sometimes I forget how rich I am.
My hot water works on a dime;
my air conditioning works when I need it to.
I can go to any grocery store and purchase what I please to eat.
I  have a clean kitchen to cook in.
I  have a clean shower to bathe in.
Sometimes I forget I'm beyond blessed. 


You can't always have a good day.  But you can always face a bad day with a good attitude.  Never regret a day in your life.  Good days give you happiness; bad days give you experience, worst days give you lessons, and best days give you memories.